Sustainable brand #5 – Ararose

Tiny Temple - Ararose Sarah t-shirt

Finally some holiday pictures!! Although this day was not as sunny as the others… Some days were a bit cloudy, just like the day I was wearing my new Ararose t-shirt. And I want you to meet this awesome fair fashion brand, so today I write about them. Read about earlier sustainable brands here.

I got my t-shirt in a very cute package, with this card attached. Definitely a great message to send out to everyone, so I’m glad I can share it with all of you here. BTW you see a very vintage chair on the picture as well, which was from my grandmothers brother’s house.

Tiny Temple - Ararose Sarah t-shirt


I learned about the brand through instagram. First thing you see when you visit either their instagram or website, is the diversity of women they showcase on their pages. The brands motto is “Where fashion becomes human, women become empowered.¬†Our natural state is our greatest, let’s embrace who we are, which they use in all facets of their brand. It’s all about women empowerment, feminism, natural beautyand nomatter what background/shape/size. I love the fact that all their models are photographed very natural, which completely fits into my view on life and on fashion. Find clothing that fits your bodytype and style, be authentic and totally yourself!! I try to be my natural self all day every day, because I never wear any make-up. And I would like all girls (and boys) to be able to go out like that if they want to.

Tiny Temple - Ararose Sarah t-shirt
Tiny Temple - Ararose Sarah t-shirt
Tiny Temple - Ararose Sarah t-shirt

The shirt I’m wearing is the Sarah T-shirt. It’s made from 100% cotton and (like all other garments) sewn in a small scaled factory in Bangladesh where it’s made in fair conditions. The brand fully supports¬†the slow fashion movement where factory workers are treated with dignity and respect, receive a fair living wage and high standard working conditions. I combined it with my secondhand Birkenstocks I found on United Wardrobe, secondhand sunglasses, a secondhand necklace and these Levi’s jeans shorts that I borrowed from my friend Lara.

Every piece in the collection is designed to fit in a minimalistic wardrobe, by being simple designs, but feminine and beautiful. Another plus: the brand is totally affordable!! Check out their collection here.

Tiny Temple - Ararose Sarah t-shirt

Check out the Ararose website with their beautiful collection. You can also read their journal and get to know all the beautiful girls that are featured on their website!!

I couldn’t agree more with the philosophy of Ararose, so always remember to be the true you <3

X Noor

Pictures by Lara Stok.

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